Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When Rebrands Go Bad

Wandering through the grocery store the other day, I noticed that two huge brands had received a facelift – Pepsi and Tropicana.

Pepsi traded in their swish red, white and blue globe for an eerily Obama-like globe which Pepsi claims to be reminiscent of a smile. Besides the weird updated globe, Pepsi gave up it's uppercase block letter logo type for a lowercase rounded hipster-ish font. Overall, the new packing disappointed and confused me. The packaging failed to grab my attention and I found it unsophisticated and generic looking. Unfortunately, the Mountain Dew packaging and Sierra Mist packaging were worse then Pepsi packaging.

The Tropicana packaging fared slightly better then the Pepsi repackaging, but barely. The type on the package looked cleaner and more timeless, but still falls on the blah side. The worst thing for me was the large glass of juice covering most of the container that looked like a cheap stock image which I found not appealing. Overall, both rebrands make Pepsi and Tropicana look like knock-off generics and not a quality product.


Elizabeth said...

Sigh...I agree. My friend and I were just having this conversation last weekend. For me, when it comes to things like pepsi (or coke, can't stand pepsi) or OJ, it's all about nostalgia. Maybe they should have tapped into their roots.

Bob Atkins said...

Or, as Pepsi's ads keep telling us how their product is a choice of a 'new generation', you think the design would be waaay more hip. I feel sad for their stockholders. Or is poised at the cheap Aldi buyers?

Tropicana's seems a bit too knock-off brand; a touch too simple.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're all pretty miserable. That Mountain Dew redesign is especially heinous. With things like beverages I agree nostalgia should be a consideration. Beverage logos are an area where minimalism may not be the best route. A brand like Pepsi should capitalize on its personality. (They did that successfully with Mountain Dew for quite a while, even if I didn't find that personality a hugely appealing one in and of itself.) These redesigns just make these beverages look incredibly generic and bland.