Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hit me over the head with a Teddy Bear, why don't ya?

House Industries' blog Show and Tell recently published a story about a former collaborator, Allen Mercer. What completely clotted my brain was the image of the corporate logo for the Build-A-Bear store. Color me entirely unobservant on this one. I know I've seen one of these stores in the past but I clearly must be trying to avert my eyes because I had never actually made the connection that the logo was made from House Industries' face Funhouse, based on work Allen Mercer had created.

My observations are completely beside the point of the original post at Show and Tell which is a thoughtful tribute to a former House member.

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illnoise said...

We actually lost an identity job to the woman who created that abortion of a logo. Her other work isn't much better.